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We believe we have created the most efficient Application Support System for our users.


Technical Support

MAsys Care Software enables customer support staff to receive, process, and respond to incident or service requests. It’s a Multi channel ticket management software that allows you to centralise all your customer conversations via E-mail, Phone and Chat.

Tracking Service

MAsys Care Software allows you to tracking pending installments or invoices, service expiries, tickets traking and also track support team performce.

Multi Users Sevices

MAsys Care Software allows you to manage customer support or IT service desk functionality for multiple companies, brands or products at one place. It also maintains complete isolation among companies data, staff and end users.

Why choose MAsys Care ?

Invoice Tracking

Masys care tracks all create and pendding invoices/payments, service expiration in easy way

Email Tracking

Point your support email address into MAsys Care support ticket system to have all incoming responce on your Email Id.

Call integration

Speak with your customers right from your system! The best part? All calls, transcripts and recordings will take the form of a newly created ticket within MAsys Care

Chat integration

Add a chat plugin to your support centre by integrating with MAsys Care Chat or other supported live chat widgets. Record all chat conversations .

Unite your organization

Use MAsys Care to bring all of your systems together. Support requests from CRM are tracked and converted into easy-to-manage tickets.

Multi-brand help desk

MAsys Care is a multi-brand help desk that enables you to have personalized support centers for all of your brands, managed from one central MAsys Care software.

The ticketing features you get with MAsys Care

Masys Care's ticketing system is one of the most refined solutions out there and has a lot of extensive features that cater to your ticketing workflows. Here’s a look at what you can do with your tickets in Masys Care.

Streamline work with ticket views

Assign prioritize to tickets

Track time to resolved problem

Capture relevant customer information

User can reopen tickets

Save replies to common questions.